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Speaking Engagements

My speaking engagements are interactive, engaging, experiential, where I share techniques and provide experiences based off of the teachings in my book, ‘Manifest a Better Life with God’ and my other book I am a contributor and co-author of with Joe Vitale, ‘The Abundance Factor’ (Amazon #1 Best Seller).

My engagements (speaking or workshops) are designed to help participants discover their True Divine Self, our Inherent God Nature and learn and practice techniques to strengthen this alignment, know how to tell throughout your day if you are aligned, know what to do if you are not aligned, and know how to use this alignment to quickly embody new beliefs, stay focused on what you want instead of what you do not want and manfiest a better life on purpose.

I also enjoy incorporating 1:1 coaching moments with participants during my talks to demonstrate how to use my ‘I Am Agreement’ or ‘True Self Agreement’ technique. This provides a very real and personal experience and deepens the experience of those observing the coaching also.

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Conversations led by Michael. He’s a very good instructor and has great style with the field staff. Solid knowledge of material.

—Production Engineering Manager North and Central Canada