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“Become masterful at how to tune into the energy and consciousness of your success and solutions instead of the consciousness and energy of your problems and struggles.”

“Michael is amazing—he helps hold my vision with me, even after our sessions! He helps me discover where I have missed the mark and helps me find the missing pieces. He has a gift and an ability to help me refocus on what I know to be true and to remember that truth. He has helped me grow my business by thirty percent in a very short period of time”  –Lynne

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If you are ready to get started and receive some free tips on how to be masterful at manifesting with the Divine, listen to my interview with Jewels Johnson, Editor-In-Chief of Law of Attraction Magazine. Enjoy!

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Let’s journey within.

Leave your analytical mind and tap into your own Divine Consciousness in order to shift the stuck consciousness and energy of issues or limiting beliefs holding you back. I know personally that for our outer world to change our inner consciousness and energy must shift first and then improvements will follow.

You can shift from manifesting lack to Manifesting Your Best Life!.

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“Busy week last week! Close to a record day on Friday.”

…client improving his business only 2 weeks after we started.

“What you do and how you do it works! I just wanted you to know…”

…client improving her life.
“Everyone tells me this house won’t sell.” Two weeks later the house sold.

.…client improving sales.

Your very own Divine Consciousness is the key!

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Meditate & Live From Your Divine Center Membership

Imagine being more masterful at staying centered, recharged and aligned with your Divine Self throughout your day.

Imagine interrupting stress on purpose and using your breath and heart centers to rewire yourself towards your inherent well-being and wellness. 

This membership provides ongoing support, guidance, techniques and guided experiences to help you continuously leverage your Divine Nature and experience more ease in life while you also Manifest Your Best Life! 

What can you expect from being a Member?

Three times per month we will gather on Zoom call and engage in the following:

  • Enter into Silence & Practice the Breath and Heart Centered meditation with others! This practice period helps you grow in consistency with your meditation practice. It also allows you to have ongoing support and an opportunity to share your experiences, ask questions, and help others. 
  • Support on your Spiritual Journey. Share your own spiritual journey, lessons learned, current aspects of your journey and hear others share too. Learn new ideas, tips, suggestions and ways to enhance your ability to stay centered and aligned with your Divine Self.  
  • 1:1 Coaching. Allows members to volunteer and receive 5+ minutes of my Coaching on a specific issue you may need help also get help from the group! 
  • Power of Done Meditation. This builds off of Lynne McTaggart's Power of 8 concepts.  During each session we will support a group member and go within and 'KNOW' in Divine Consciousness the version of them with their desires fulfilled ... with their prayer answered.  
  • Bonus Stuff! I will continuously add videos, worksheets and other periodic sessions like Blessing and Balancing of our Energy Centers as part of the membership!
  • Discounts! Members will receive periodic discounts on future classes and/or workshops offered.

Meditate & Manifest Your Best Life! Membership



  • Centering Meditations
  • Support
  • Personal Coaching
  • Power of Done
  • Bonuses!
  • Discounts!
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We are all Divine Beings in human form remembering how to live as Divine Beings and Manifest our Best Lives! 

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