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Hello, I'm Michael.


I am Michael LeBlanc, Author, Liscensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Life Coach, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Speaker and Designer of Inspirational Gifts.


Since my early 20’s when I thought I might become a priest, I have this mysterious and at times nagging passion to be ‘masterful’ at aligning with Divine Intelligence and from this connected place express and manifest my best life. I also want to help others do the same. 

My ’Come Back’ Story


15+ years ago I had a successful small business as a therapist, landscaper, Reiki practitioner and teacher of counseling. I was living my dream and doing everything I loved! All of it manifested beautifully. But I had a very rough experience with a client and as a result ended up closing my business. What surfaced were very old unconscious beliefs about 'not being good enough, smart enough, talented enough and not having enough value' and as a result my business eventually failed.

I had work to do...inner work. Through spiritual practices and healing techniques that I studied and applied, I let go of those limiting beliefs and embodied new beliefs. I was wrong back then. I have value, am smart enough, and talented. I know first hand that you can embody new beliefs, and manifest a better life! There are specific steps to take and it does work! I've improved my relationships, finances, business, wrote a book, traveled and worked in 30 countries and have grown spiritually. I'm ready to share what I have learned and help you manifest a better life. Are you ready?

That ‘15 year break‘ is over!

Today as an Author, Life Coach, Energy Practitioner, Speaker, Licensed Social Worker, International Trainer.
I bring all these varied experiences (both professional and personal) and years of my own personal and spiritual growth to you. My job is to see the best version of you…this you with your desires and dreams fulfilled…and know it as truth even if you have doubts. My job is to not accept the ‘limiting beliefs’ you may have accepted either consciously or unconsciously and help you know that you are designed for success. You are not your limiting beliefs. Your inherent nature is not limited and therefore neither are you.

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Latest Inspirations

Divine Self Laser Coaching

These are 30 minute extremely powerful and focused sessions in which Michael's guides you through a process to only Focus and Think in ways that aligned with your Divine Self...nothing else is allowed!

Return to Wholeness

An Energy Meditation to Bless and Balance Your Energy Centers

Michael guides you through a unique Energy Meditation he developed which combines elements of Reiki (a Japanese Healing Art), a specific Breath Technique and Ho Oponopono (a Hawaiian Healing Process) to bless and balance your energy centers, clear blocks and forgive yourself and others.

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For more FREE tips on how to manifest your best life, read my recent article titled, “Manifest Your Best Life!” published in the May-June 2020 issue of Law of Attraction Magazine.

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